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Sandtorgholmen is an old trading post set on a peninsula on the Tjeldsundet Strait – only a short sail away to the Lofoten Islands, the Ofotfjord and Narvik, Bodø in the south, and Harstad and Troms in the north. In the days when all travel was by sea, it was here that people met to trade and exchange news. Sandtorgholmen dates back to the 14th century and became a substantial farming estate. In the 18th century a licence to sell wine and liquor made it an important centre for sailing ships trading up and down the coast. In the 19th century Sandtorgholmen had a postal station and a telegraph office and was a regular stop for steamship traffic too. The quayside ‘Brygga’ building dates from the early 1900s as a warehouse for goods hoisted off the quayside from ships and was where the post office and general store were located. Nowadays the Brygga has 10 bedrooms and a restaurant, with additional accommodation in the Main House, an elegant white-painted timber Swiss chalet-style building.

Sandtorgholmen Hotel is idyllically located on a peninsula that juts out into Tjeldsundet – the strait that separates Hinnøya from the mainland. The hotel, which is built around the old Sandtorg Handelssted, is located about 30 km south of Harstad, and about 28 kilometres from Harstad / Narvik Airport Evenes.

The hosts warmly welcome you to Sandtorgholmen. We will do our utmost to ensure that you have a pleasant and memorable stay here with us. We look forward to welcoming you to Sandtorgholmen as our guests, and we will make sure you have a pleasant stay with us!

Welcome to Sandtorg, and to the Sandtorgholmen Hotel!


Sandtorg is a village in Harstad Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. It is located on the eastern shore of the large island of Hinnøya, on the shore of the Tjeldsundet. The village is located along the European route E10 highway in the southern part of the municipality. There are about 300 residents in the village area. The 1,095-metre (3,593 ft) tall mountain Sætertinden is located northwest of the village of Sandtorg, along the border with Tjeldsund municipality.

Origin of the name

The village is named after the old Sandtorg farm (Old Norse: Sandþorghom). The first element comes from the word sandr which means “sandy area”, and the second element means “square”. The name was frequently used historically for farms where there was a marketplace.

A RICH and Diverse History


Since the early 13th century, there has been a trading post at Sandtorgholmen (where the village of Sandtorg is located). This location became more important in the late 18th century when pilot services were added for foreign and local ships. The trading post continued to be a focal point of Sandtorg until 1945 when the Norwegian Army’s communication services took over the facilities after the German occupation (1940–1945). The army returned Sandtorgholmen to civilian use in the 1990s. Today, the Sandtorgholmen trading post features a hotel with a harbor restaurant and meeting facilities.

The municipality of Sandtorg was established on 1 July 1926, when it was split from the municipality of Trondenes. On 1 January 1964, Sandtorg was merged with the neighboring municipalities of Harstad and Trondenes to form the new Harstad Municipality.

Bjarne Berg-Sæther (born 1919) was a significant leader in Sandtorg during the 20th century. He was the mayor of Sandtorg from 1948 until 1964 when it was merged with Harstad. He was also the first mayor of the new merged municipality of Harstad, which occurred in 1964 (and therefore also the last mayor of Sandtorg). During his 20 years as mayor after World War II, boat building factories at Rødskjæret were added, lighted ski tracks, and a community cultural house was built. Many of these additions caused Sandtorg’s population to almost double. Today, Sandtorg is a community in transition from farming, fishing, and meat production to a commuter community with a significant part of the population working in Harstad about 37 kilometres (23 mi) away.

sandtorgholmen hotel

the ideal base for your Northern Lights & arctic Nature Adventure

Due to its geographical location and close proximity to the airport, Sandtorgholmen Hotel provides the perfect base for your Northern Norway based adventure. Sandtorgholmen is not only a coastal gem, but also a nature lovers paradise.

This interactive map will help you to plan your very own Sandtorgholmen based adventure.

Conference & Corporate Wellness

Providing tailor-made conference and corporate welfare packages for companies of all sizes.

SANDTORGHolmen hotel

The central hub for your Northern Norway based Aurora & Arctic Nature Adventure

Our guests come from all of the world, and from different walks of life: Corporations use our services for conferencing, corporate wellness, team-building and product launch events etc. We also cater for many different types of tourist including, for example, people who are simply passing through and are looking to stay with us for one or two nights. In addition, we also provide a complete holiday package where people stay with us for an extended period of time (usually 4 or 5 nights). During this time, they can experience the very best of what Sandtorg and the surrounding area has to offer.

How to get to the Sandtorgholmen Hotel

By Car

The closest airport to the Sandtorgholmen Hotel is Harstad/Narvik (EVE), which is approximately 30 minutes drive away. We have provided the precise GPS coordinates below. To view the route simply click the “Calculate” button.

If you are planning on coming from any other destination, e.g. Tromsø etc., then simply insert this into the “From” box, and re-calculate the route.

Another useful resource for planning your journey is “Entur”

By Taxi

Skånland Taxi

+47 93 40 23 23.

sandtorgHolmen News

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Northern Lights Copyright Alan Napier

Last night we enjoyed yet another magical display of Northern Lights here at the Sandtorgholmen Hotel. These images were taken by one of our guests, Alan Napier.

Our Cafè is open every day from 11:30 – 16:00. If you are a large group, please let us know that you’re coming in advance, thank you.

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