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Hårberget Nature Hike

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Hårberget is an easy hike in open terrain up to 399 m a.s.l. Hike length: Approx. 6 km r/r Time spent: 1.5–2 h/r Marking: Good trail Difficulty: Easy

Take the E10 in Årbogen, south of the Tjeldsund bridge, at the sign marked Idrettspark. Parking at the top of the housing estate. Go through the outfield gate and follow the good path in the direction of Hårberget. The path follows an old light trail for a while. Turn left when the path splits and leave the light trail. Then follow the path up to Forraholtan, approx. 100 m above sea level. From here there is an open slope and good visibility in all directions. Most of the path has soft and comfortable ground. Some more rock and bare rock closer to the top.

Hårberget lies like a rounding buoy in Tjeldsundet. The mountains on the right are Sætertinden and Haukebøtinden. In the foreground Rødskjær and Sandtorgholmen

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Credit: Image overlooking Tjeldsundbrua by Tor-Atle Jakobsen




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